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The Ultimate Guide For When Your Car is Stolen

You go outside to the parking spot where you left your car and you are ready to drive away and do your thing. The only issue that you are going through at this point is that the vehicle you thought you were going to hope in and leave that area can neither be seen or found. Any person that has been through that experience should understand that they are not alone. Cases of stolen cars may be moderately common, but it is always vital to understand more info. on the right moves to make when you experience it. This website is here for you to click and discover more on the right procedure that you can follow and get the assistance required in the event of a stolen vehicle. These guiding principles are elaborately explained in this site for individuals who have been victims of car theft such that they can take the steps on this page right away.

Contacting the police should be the first idea that should cross your mind. Completion of the after-theft procedures is an obligatory requirement and it entails giving the information to the police department as a crime that you are reporting. The insurance company with which you will be handling the car theft matter can only come through if you have an honourable police report, without which the insurer will not be part of the deal. Having the identification details of the vehicle is critical as the officers will need to know every detail.

If it has an in-built tracker, it works to their advantage during the search which is why talking about it is necessary. After informing the police about the car theft incident, the next part of the process should entail speaking to the insurers with whom you have the vehicle insurance policies. Whether you have such an all-inclusive insurance cover or it is not a package that is that extensive, it is recommendable to inform the insurance company through a call after you talk to the police. The insurance company will therefore not hold you liable in the event of damages to the car while the thieves are driving it.

At this moment, the insurance will be launching an investigation into the matter before processing the claim. The same things that you tell the cops should be the similar ones that the insurance adjuster gets when they start asking questions about the incident. After following appropriate procedures, it is best to relax and expect a call from the cops or the insurers or both.